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Equestrian Center Warredal is one of the biggest equestrian centers in Belgium. We hold a place from riders from all over the world and each level. Besides that, we offer a unique Back to Nature-concept in the middle of the National Park Hoge Kempen.

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Our center is located right in the heart of the worldwide horse sport, not far from the Dutch and German border.

We expanded the Equestrian Center by investing in extra training facilities and three new luxury compartments with 9 boxes and one compartment with 12 boxes. Additionaly we also offer accomodations for riders, grooms and their families.

Equestrian Warredal
Welcome to Warredal

Exclusive Accomodations

No more driving back home after the jumping. Take a moment to relax and enjoy memorable moments with your horse, riding in the woods.


Choose Your Preference

Want to train with us? We offer exclusive opportunities and stables in our center.   

Standard Boxes


Book a standard (basic) box and get to use the horse walker, infra red, paddock and indoor arena for free.

Luxury boxes


Our beautifully crafted luxury boxes come with the use of the paddock, indoor arena, walker and infra red facility.


Rent Arena


Our sponsors can exclusively book the indoor arena for training purposes. Give us a call for timing and availability.

Outdoor Boxes


The outdoor boxes cover the basic needs of a horse. Perfect for riders who need a temporary stay after a competition.


What Our Clients Say

Joao Marcos Trindade
João Marco Trindade

An incredible place, a fantastic experience and a place with good energy. There's a variaty of adventures and magnificent landscapes. The best facility I ever worked in. I'm gonna miss De Warre!

warredal equestrian
Elena Hietanen

I like the place as much as my horses do. They are actually very happy, here at Warredal. Not to forget: there is a lot to do around the area, which is great for me as well!

Bruno Martins Costa

The horses seem to enjoy the peaceful environment. All the infrastructure is truly amazing. Besides, we can ride in the woods. The outdoor arena and two outdoor arenas come in handy while we work.

Leo Raussher Warredal
Leo Rauscher

Here I can offer movement with grass paddocks in summer, sand paddocks in winter and a great walker. In the boxes they can see and smell the horses on the side. Here I also have the convenience of having great straw and hay always delivered to my stalls. The structure is super, complete with great footing rings, the indoor is heated in winter and we have 2 round pens in addition to miles and miles of trails in the forest. I can’t ask for anything more!